Issue #15 is the cause of this 2016 Summer heatwave! A lot of comprehensive content in this issue, including an exclusive music Q&A with rockers Another Lost Year from Charlotte, NC. Our cover girl is the amazing Canadian, Jessica Kelly. Be sure to check out her eight-page spread inside! She is also this issue’s Certified Centerfold Hottie! Also, we ditched Epic Eatz again this issue to bring you an article from Bachelor Haus to help you buy quality wall art for your stylish bachelor pad! And of course more beer is on tap, as Eric Courtney interviews the guys behind Instagram's Shower Beer Review. Also featured are models Shelby James Leger, Jasmin Locop and Kim Ngo in a double feature, Karen Vargo and super stunner Heloíne Moreno from Brazil! Of course Ryan Mudd is back with a fresh new column! So don't delay and get your copy today!

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Lingerie Double Cover Issue 2015

The second annual Lingerie Photo Issue Special Edition is here! It is 76 pages packed full of 14 extraordinary beauties! No editorials and more photographs mean a much more visual experience for you to enjoy. You won’t be disappointed. The cover girl is Candace Schule from Canada. She was photographed by Bob Walker of Zone 5 Photography. Be sure to check out her spread starting on page 46. Get your copy today! Also, this issue is the first time BROWZ has offered a double cover issue. Be sure to check out this issue with cover model Saybreeona as well! The next issue is a full edition with five amazing featured models to keep this summer hot! Stay tuned! More things coming in the ’15! Enjoy!

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Asian Invasion 2015 Special Edition

The Asian Invasion is upon us, and it is our second Special Edition of it's kind! You wanted more Asian Girls, well… You’re getting them. 56 pages packed full of 10 extraordinary beauties! Less editorials, and more photographs, mean a much more visual experience for you to enjoy. You won’t be disappointed. The cover girl is Nina Carla, photographed by OG Foto in Southern California. Nina is also our Certified Centerfold Hottie, so find the middle of the book, and you’ll find her! Don't delay! Get your copy today! The next issue is our long awaited full edition to round out the summer! Stay tuned!

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