General Submission Guidelines

Models and Photographers

FEATURE MODELS STYLE: We are currently looking for Glamour, Swimsuits, Alternative, Artistic, and Casual Sexy. No nudity, but implied is acceptable. We are a Men's Interest magazine. We want to provide our readers with the hottest experienced, and up and coming, models in the world. Magazine themes for Featured Models are suggested, but not necessarily required. However, submissions that do meet the theme for the issue will be considered first, but in the end -- highest quality models and photo imagery will dictate what goes in and what does not.

HINTS TO GETTING PUBLISHED: Bare shoulders, bare midriff, and bare legs are the first thing we look for; themed issue or not. Bikinis or bras and panties, or even implied are your best options to get our attention. if you're shooting for themed issues, we still expect the images to be sexy in nature. Please refrain from sending us fashion images. BROWZ is not a fashion magazine. Unless you are a swimsuit designer, fetish designer, or costume designer, we're probably not interested in your fashions. Images should be sharp and properly exposed. Looking at past issues will give you an idea of what style of images we like to publish. Good luck!

Writers and Artists

WRITERS: We are currently looking for writers and/or bloggers who want to promote themselves and their website through our magazine. To submit some of your work for inclusion into BROWZ Magazine, please send us a query along with a link to your blog/website. If you are trying to submit to a specific theme, please make sure your query reflects the theme in which you are trying to contribute.

ARTISTS: We are currently looking for Artists who want to promote themselves and their website/portfolio through our magazine. To submit some of your work for inclusion into BROWZ Magazine, please send us a sample along with a link to your website or online portfolio. If you are trying to submit to a specific theme, please make sure your submission reflects the theme in which you are trying to contribute.

General Open Submission Process for Models and Photographers

HINTS TO GETTING PUBLISHED: Images should be sharp and properly exposed. Ultimately we would like two strong verticals and a (1) very strong horizontal to give each model four pages. Two strong horizontals is acceptable as well. Just send a healthy combination of both for us to choose from. With that being said, if you could send each model as a set, that would be ideal.

Set Combinations:
1 Very Strong Horizontal (two pages)
2 Strong Verticals (two pages)
1 Very Strong Horizontal + 2 Strong Verticals (four pages)
2 Strong Horizontals (four pages)

Symmetry! Please keep Symmetry in mind when posing, and submitting poses. Please DO NOT submit a set where you/or your subject is facing the same direction in every photo. It looks like crap in print.

SUBMISSION FORM LETTERS: The fastest way to be ruled out of consideration is to add us to a form letter when submitting your images to multiple magazines/publications at once. While sometimes unavoidable, we don't want to publish images that are going to be published by numerous other magazines. So those submissions are deleted upon arrival.

COVER CONSIDERATION: As far as what we look for... 3/4 body shots typically get top consideration, but not always the cover. If you go look at our home page and look at how all our covers are composed, you will get a good idea of what we look for. As for style, we are looking for images that are sharp, well lit, easy on the post processing, and the subject has to have a great natural pose and facial expression. Subject's eyes should be clearly visible (some exceptions, depending on pose, but if subject is facing the camera, we want to see catchlights). Good luck!

Attention Female Models (or Togs who have photographed them): To be considered for inclusion into BROWZ Magazine as a Featured Model, please send us at least three images that include the following:

Head and Torso
Full Length

Please only send low resolution images that are under 1MB each (No compressed files please -- I.e. zip, sitx, rar, etc…). Please send sets organized by model/photographer. Another words, for example, please refrain from sending us a single message with 18 attachments shot by 12 different photographers. Along with your images, please send a brief outline/bio (less than 100 words) about yourself and your aspirations. Your outline/bio will help your chances of getting into print. Please send current images. If we contact you for inclusion into the magazine, you can count on the following to occur.

Please send current images. If we contact you for inclusion into the magazine, one of two options will occur.

1) We will ask to use the image(s) you submitted for inclusion online and in print. We may also ask to use images that appear in your online portfolio.

2) If we like your look and story, we will ask to feature you. This will require you to set up a shoot with a locally approved photographer, and makeup and hair, or a photographer assigned/approved by us.

Image submissions that are over two years old, won’t jive with what we are expecting to see, so please… Only current submissions. Thanks.

Submission and Image Use

SUBMISSION TERMS (PLEASE READ): BROWZ Magazine is a remote published networking magazine. If you are not sure what that means, it is a publication that is printed to order. Remote published magazines are printed only when the consumer purchases one online. The magazine will be displayed in a readable format online free of charge. So being that we carry no inventory of print editions, and the magazine is viewable online for free, there is currently no monetary or print copy compensation to models, or photographers, submitting their work (this could change in the future). By submitting your work, you are agreeing to let us publish your work for self promotion purposes only.

IMAGE LICENSING TERMS (PLEASE READ): Non Exclusive Release required (image owners retain all rights to submitted images unless otherwise stipulated in release form). BROWZ Magazine will NOT obtain ownership of image(s) submitted. Only under very special circumstances will we agree to comply to a third party License Agreement. By submitting your image(s), you are agreeing to comply with our terms. Image License Release available on request. You can download our image release form here.